Quick Build Solution

TBT provides Quick Building Solutions with multiple compositions of Products to meet the early time schedules. In today’s world, the traditional building techniques fail to meet the major challenges facing in construction and time lines, resulting in a growing need for more innovative methods of building that are safer, cleaner and more efficient, and also minimize disruption while guaranteeing quality and cost. We provide a wide range of modular building solutions using Structural Steel, Composite Panels for the sectors of residential, commercial, hospitals, stadiums and any steel structure buildings etc. The Quick Build Solutions are designed as permanent and sustainable buildings with a long life. TBT will offer a full Design and Build service, including architectural, structural, smechanical and electrical solutions, and therefore can provide a fast track delivery and quality within the maximum guaranteed price. Our steel framed modular buildings with Composite Panel Construction give you the greatest design flexibility together with unrivalled freedom of appearance, use and layout.