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Marketed by True Build Technologies

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Marketed by Truebuild Technologies

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SmartFlower Grid Connected Solution

Unique Product Features

Smart Cleaning

System self cleans the panels automatically twice per day when opening and closing

Brushes on the underside of each panel clean the solar panels twice daily, removing dust, sand and snow

Automatic cleaning feature improves productivity by 1-2%

Smart Tracking

Astronomically controlled, Dual-axis sun tracking

Tracks the sun from dawn to dusk ensuring that its solar panels are always at an optimal 90 degree angle to the sun with no reflections

Precise tracking can increase productivity by as much as 40% over fixed tilt and single axis systems

Green Calling Card

Unique aesthetically pleasing design conveys a message of Sustainability

Dual-Axis Tracking

Up to 40% more production vs. fixed Array

Premium Modules

Advanced mono crystalline PERC modules and tracking

Smart Safety

Wind > 30 mph: fully automatic shifting into horizontal security position

Wind > 40 mph: fully automatic folding into security position

Emergency-battery included for power outages Very slow moving tracking speed (<0.5 mph)

Local E-Stop and main power disconnect can be locked forsafety

Designed with Equipment and Personal safety in mind - UL, TUV & IEC Certified

Intelligent Software

Intuitive system with IoT remote monitoring capabilityresult in high power yields

Smart Cooling

PV Modules are naturally rear-ventilated Hot air does not accumulate beneath panels, reducing losses Optimizes kw production with lower thermal Losses

Floral Design

Robust state-of-the-Art design that opens and closes daily

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